Thursday, 3 January 2013

Margaret River Roadtrip

Off to Margaret River today for a boys trip just like the old uni days. Funny how times have passed yet very little has changed in some aspects, we're just grown up now with more toys and doodads than before. This time around we've upgraded from our student povo days of caravan accommodation and dodgy chalets to what should be a nice townhouse :D

The alcohol supplies are still the same though less VB and surprisingly, more home brewed stuff this time around.

Looking forward to what happens in the next few days and am planning out what food places to scope out, general feeling is more pub/casual dining but hopefully no tragic home cooking incidences this year. I guess invention in the kitchen is an important process right? Who knew how tragic steak and crushed up pita chips for seasoning could've turned out (ok so that was a bad idea)

Anyhow stay tuned for more updates....

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