Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Monk Brewery and Kitchen - Freo

Today's fish of the day is......
Stay tuned :)
Edit: Cod! ( with some salad, some very balsamic-y mushrooms and some surprisingly crisp fried onion rings!) fish cooked fine, on the salty side with that strong balsamic taste overpowering any umami the mushrooms could've had and the green salad didn't really add much. The fried onions unfortunately soaked up the mushroom liquid causing some of them to lose their crispness.

The risotto turned out quite well, not to mention the fettuccine goat pasta and I reckon the beef and reef looked very nice! The strong overpowering smell and taste of the garlic butter sauce though might've put off some people.

Overall the food was ok for Perth standards, definitely better than the other brewery in Freo (ahem) but beers (their own brews) we well into the $10+ per pint range :((

Service wise was good and bad, at least we had the attention of our waitress. I think we are a ways to go with service staff not disrupting our conversations. In their effort to push more beers on us, surely you can ask questions without steam rolling through our conversations! For Perth though, I'd rather take service where I can at least get their attention than having to set up smoke flares to get some water. The concessions we make when we're paying almost $50 for a meal and drink (!!) at pub food levels.

That's another lengthy discussion another time however.

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