Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dough! - northbridge

Hmmm so from the ashes of Sparrow comes a new pizza bar called Dough!

Decor is your modern hipster place, walls plastered with retro billboard posters and seating was quite tight so those with prams should probably avoid it for the benefit of the rest of the diners.
(ie. it's narrow and small)

So seven pizzas later the boards games group (BGG) came out feeling satisfied and well pizza'd out for the month.

I ordered the Parmigiana pizza which was a tomato sauce base, pork sausage and eggplant toppings on roughly 10" handmade dough base. Others ordered a carbonara pizza (onions pancetta and eggs), a margherita pizza (your standard tomato sauce pizza) a calzone, a pumpkin pancetta and rocket pizza. The one I liked the look of the most was The Farmers pizza, potato, pork sausage and pancetta on a white sauce hmmm.

Scanning the menu you had a choice of two sauce bases, essentially a red or white (cheese sauce) base. Each pizza variety only had at maximum 2-4 toppings (you could always ask for additional toppings too) and most had a cheese topping element (Gorgonzola, Parmesan etc)

Entrees were your salads and arancini balls, meatballs (which didn't get the value for money recommendation sadly). On special was a lone pasta dish (that seemed to have the ingredients of a pizza that was scrubbed off the list) but unfortunately we didn't get the chance to try this time round.

One pizza definitely was enough for a hungry man sized serving, smaller eaters half to 3/4 a pizza would probably do. One method of inhaling down a pizza was to roll it up and eat it up like a crepe. The pizza dough was that fresh and soft that it was a viable eating technique. There were a couple of calzones on offer as well (even a Nutella dessert based one).

My pizza I ordered unfortunately became too soggy when it arrived, I'd blame the eggplant and liberal lashings of tomato sauce and oil causing the pizza base to to give way and turn into that mushy soggy dough texture :(
I tend to prefer much thinner and crisper bases and to prevent my toppings from sliding off had to resort to making my own pizza sandwiches!

Money wise wasn't too bad, around the $20-25 mark overall per pizza.
Not a bad pizza bar if you're in Northbridge (on the upper end near Mela and bar 399). Overall a good place, handmade dough, quality toppings always make a good combination.

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