Thursday, 11 July 2013

[Life] Sony Dinner Sessions!

Two highlights from Thursday night, eating at Butterworth Bar & Kitchen and geeking out with Sony's 2013 product line up :D

So important things first, the Butterworth Bar & Kitchen was a new place for me in the city (opposite Australia place off St George's Tce) and street parking was not so easy to get (but I did hurrah!)

It's quite a small place with not many other guests dining in on a Thursday night but I reckon our party definitely made up for it.

The Sony reps had booked out the front section, I presume it was the bar area with some great lounge seating and high bar stools and tables. For dinner they had a nice long table with bar stools fitting about 15 people.

Around the table were an assortment of gadgets for us to play with whilst the waitstaff came around to take our drink orders.

Big shoutouts as the bar was fully available and the liquor selection was very enticing to explore had I not been distracted with so many shiny doodads...

Anyhow the focus of the event was a gathering of the Sony X community, essentially a networking event of fanboys (and girls) and meeting face to face with some of Sony's marketing team, Jamie Wong - Community Manager and Kevin - product marketing for Imaging. Also present was Craig, Sony's sales rep for WA.

After a brief round of intro speech we were introduced to the products around us, from the 55" 4k TV ( someone want to buy me one?) to the mega muteki - code named "Shake" - literraly a disco light speaker system (2.1) with bass expandion to give you pseudo heart palpitations and a full range of cameras from the NEX 6, a99 and the Rx1 (ok I want one of those!!)

We then proceeded with the round table of personal introductions then food orders were taken (and more drink orders)

Menu wise it was all very swish, pricing was a bit extravagant, with entrees around the $20 mark and mains low 40s and desserts... Well I stopped looking at the price and just went at it.....

Kevin - image marketing , Jamie Sony x and Craig sales Sony wa 

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