Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tuck Shop Cafe - Northbridge

So whilst I'm not what you would call an early riser, when organising a breakfast catch up with A popped up I found myself suggesting a visit to Tuck Shop Cafe is in order. The good news was it was totally worthwhile waking up so early on my usual sleep-in day, the bad news was that it involved making sure we got there before 8am on a Saturday morning!

Thankfully Northbridge in the morning is a civil affair, families, DINKs and people in cycling gear all gather, grab coffees and chat away the morning in a lively atmosphere in decor i'd describe as eating inside a providore store?

When we arrived it was about 1/2 to 3/4 full already ( seating really was suited for groups of four or less) so I was glad we went early (plus being able to find side street parking was a bonus too)

So here's the skinny, the menu is pretty much a gourmet brunch menu, service was friendly and attentive (quick for food to coffees, food and clearing the table) and pricing wise was roughly $12-20, the cheap end was for their continental breakfast options or from their pie selection and the $18-20 range consisted of more substantial foods. Coffees ranged from about high 3's to $4+. Good quality brews with a frequently rotating coffee blend.

Ordering myself a mocha whilst A grabbed a fruit juice (beetroot celery and apple!) we talked as our hot dishes were served up,

In summary, this is definitely going to be one of my goto breakfast places, only downside is having to beat the rush of people to get a table :((

My dish was average, the pork belly a bit dry and chewy, the crackling crunchy but felt dried out making it a tough chew early in the morning. The potatoes and chorizo were fried nicely and the sweetness of the Spanish onions was a welcome addition. Overall serving size was very filling.

The salmon and ricotta dish looked fantastic, again a good serving size with a good serve of smoked salmon. A lot of ricotta cheese to fill out the dish.

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