Thursday, 14 February 2013

Adelaide Day 2

Unfortunately no real exciting places to report.... Went to The Historian Hotel for after work drinks, being a Tuesday evening it was pretty quiet and being Adelaide they didn't have a cook on roster that day so no food or nibbles :(

Dinner was at some Italian place called Scoozi Cafe think of it as the Sienna's of Perth Italian fare (cheapish bistro Italian fare)

Was ok, had coffees there with Mr DT on the weekend earlier. Had the fettuccine veal ragu, strangely being a tomato based sauce I still kept tasting hints of Parmesan despite none actually being on it (maybe it was just the slightly off/strange smell from the ragu?? ) overall it was so-so and not getting food poisoning is always a good blessing. Pictures to follow but it isn't really a place to write home about.

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